Corporate Service

Cue247 provides a turnkey solution to all your streaming needs. We provide a number of, "off the shelf" streaming packages for all corporate events. Alternatively we can tailor our service to match your companies vision.

Public Live Events

Cue247 provides an "end to end" internet streaming solution for all indoor or outdoor events. We provide engineers, broadband access, High defination capability and a web player, all tailored to your streaming needs.

Private Live Streaming

Cue247 has a number of off the shelf streaming packages to suit your needs. We can alternatively provide multi-site, multi-language and multi-format streaming capability depending on your event requirment.

Self Streaming

Cue247 selfstream is a cost conscious service for those you want to manage their own webcast. This hire service provides you with an SD video camera encoder and access to view your stream via a secure login

Fixed Camera Streaming

Cue247 can stream from a fixed ip camera located at your premises to be viewed 24/7 on the internet via a secure login. Please contact us for our recommended cameras list that are capable of providing this service.

Temporary Broadband Service

Cue247 provides temporary broadband for outside broadcasts or broadband blackspots. This service can provide for live streaming, internet or WiFi access to any location for the duration of your event.